Intermediate Modding

Intermediate guide.

In this section we'll provide and explain intermediate modding examples, for those who want to customize more complex parts of the game. From here on, we'll start delving into the Lua files, although a big part of this guide can still be done purely in JSON.

Table of Contents

  1. Collision regions : how to set up properly the collision, destination and adjacency regions for items.
    1. Origins : how to set up the model origin and region origin for items. Hangable items.
    2. Collision and destination : collision types and destination regions.
  2. Building parts : how to add new building resources, patterns for floors, walls and roofs, new doors and windows.
  3. Commands : how to create new commands for the unit frame.
  4. Buffs : how to create buffs, how to add them and remove them.
  5. Thoughts : how to create thoughts for the morale UI to use in different systems.
  6. Traits : how to create new traits for hearthlings.
  7. Biomes : how to create custom biomes.
    1. Seasons and weather : how to set up seasons and creating custom weather.
  8. Adding jobs : how to add new jobs to the game. Common steps.
    1. Crafting jobs : how to create a new crafting job.
    2. Combat jobs : how to create a new combat job.
  9. Kingdoms : how to add your own playable kingdoms to the game.
  10. Critters and monsters : how to create your own creatures.
  11. Campaigns : how to add your own game master campaigns and encounters to the game.
    1. Generic encounters : list of the existing encounter types and their fields.
  12. Hotloading manifests : how to apply manifests only under certain conditions.
  13. Testing your mod : how to use the Microworld, Stonehearth Tests and Stonehearth Autotests mods. Lua profiler scripts.