Modding Essentials

In this guide we'll talk about how to start modding, what things can be modded, initial instructions and tools needed to start modding Stonehearth.

Please read the contents of this guide before attempting to do any modding. The basic, intermediate and advanced guides assume that you know all the essentials explained here.

Table of Contents

  1. Managing mods : where to get mods and how to enable / disable them.
    1. Steam Workshop mods : all about installing and uploading Steam Workshop mods.
    2. Local mods : all about installing and uploading non-Steam Workshop mods.
  2. Programming languages : which programming languages do we use in Stonehearth.
  3. What can be modded : modding possibilities and legal questions.
  4. Tools for modding : which programs do we need for creating mods.
  5. The Stonehearth mod : how to explore the game files.
  6. Small intro to JSON : basic explanation of JSON syntax.
  7. The manifest : what is the manifest and its structure. Your first mod.
  8. Entities and components : what are they and how to represent them in JSON.
  9. Mixins : what are mixins and how are they used.
  10. Mixintos and overrides : the basic API for modding.
  11. Mixintypes : how to use "mixintypes" to remove content from the stonehearth mod.
  12. Localization : how does localization work for mods.
  13. How to debug your errors : tips for debugging your mod.
  14. Using debug tools : how to use debug tools to cheat and help testing faster.
    1. The debugtools mod : built-in mod with many useful debug tools.
    2. The default console : list of commands of the default console.
  15. Startermod example : how to play with the starter mods to experiment and get used to modding.
  16. How to save time with SHED : how to start using the Stonehearth Editor to save time when modding.