Using debug tools

The debug keys

There are some extra things you can do if you enable the debug keys.

To do so, add this key your user_settings.json at the same level than your "user_id" (make sure to add commas where needed):

  "enable_debug_keys" : true

You will see more options in the Controls tab of the in-game Settings under the "Debug" group. Some of them will allow you to customize the hotkeys for the default console and the Lua console.

The most common used ones are:

  • Save & Reload - performs a "Quick Save" + "Quick Load"

  • Switch Debug Shapes View - toggles between 3 states: showing the collision and other regions of the selected entity, showing the regions for all the entities in the world, and not showing anything.

  • Show Terrain Coordinates - toggles showing the terrain coordinates next to the cursor.

  • Show Rendering Stats - shows the FPS and other rendering stats while pressed.

The rest of Debug options are different debug views and the like.