Basic Modding

In this guide we'll provide and explain basic modding examples, for those who want to know how to change or to add a specific thing to the game. The intermediate and advanced guides cover more complex modding. If you're new to modding Stonehearth, it's recommended that you start by doing something simple to learn the structure of the game and the different tools that the modding API offers before starting to delve into more advanced topics.

You can check the art related guides here.

Please read the essentials guide before attempting any modding.

Table of Contents

  1. How to create new items : how to create new placeable items.
    1. Entity forms : what are entity forms and why do we need them.
    2. Adding items manually : how to create new items manually.
    3. Adding items with SHED : how to create items faster by using SHED.
    4. Scale of items : how to change the scale of any entity.
  2. The catalog : what is the catalog service and how to define data for it.
  3. Generic resources : how to create generic resources for crafting.
  4. Adding recipes : how to add crafting recipes.
  5. Adding equipment : how to create equipment pieces that inject buffs, commands or AI.
    1. Armor and hats : how to create armor / outfits and headgear.
    2. Weapons : how to create melee / ranged weapons and shields.
  6. Storage items : how to create storage items and patrollable items. How filters work.
  7. Color maps : what are color maps and material maps and how to use them.
  8. Adding customization : how to add custom hairstyles, custom eye/hair/skin and building colors.
  9. Adding crops : how to add new farming crops and food items to the game.
  10. Renewable resources : how to create your own resources, renewable resources and seeds.
  11. Plants and trees : how to add your own plants and trees to the world generation. Seasonal variants.
  12. Static scenarios : what are static scenarios and how to create custom scenario types and categories.
    1. Ore veins : how to add new ore veins and drops for mining.
    2. Landmarks : how to create new landmarks that will spawn at world generation.
    3. Critter nests and ruins : how to add new critter nests and ruins.
  13. Miscellaneous JSON : how time expressions, loot tables and weighted sets work.
    1. Loadouts and shops : how to add new loadouts and shops.
  14. Translating mods : how to create a localization mod for the base game or for other mods.