Art Workflow

In this section we'll explain how to create art assets for your mod, the settings for exporting them, and how to reference them in your mod.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating 3D models : how to create and export .qb models for your entities.
  2. Creating 2D assets : how to generate icons and portraits to display in the UI.
  3. VFX : how to create and add different types of effects.
    1. Adding animations : how to add animation effects to your entities.
      1. For existing entities : workflow for creating animations for existing entities from the stonehearth mod.
      2. For custom entities : workflow for creating animations for your custom entities.
    2. Particle effects : how to create particle effects.
    3. Light effects : how to create animated lights effects.
    4. Other effects : how to create other types of effects, such as sound effects, etc.